Update! Mary Schook sent us her Lymphatic Drainage Facial video. It's old, a little silly, but her clients swear by it.

Mary Schook, beauty pioneer and Founder of MS Apothecary

Mary Schook, beauty pioneer and Founder of MS Apothecary

This week, we sit down with beauty wizard Mary Schook, one of the world's most revered trendspotters. She explains how she became the go-to guru for lash extensions, airbrush makeup and kooky gadgets—plus she reveals the ingredients and products to look for (and skip!).

But first, Jenn reports on her trip to Ireland, where she learned about the super secret world of Botox. Also, Jess reveals her past with colored contacts, and finally, we have some big news: we're nominated for the 2016 Refinery29 Beauty Innovator Awards! We couldn't be happier. Below are the links to all things mentioned in this weeks episode.

Mary Schook's World of Beauty:
SMTS Liquid Micro-Needles
Voya Seaweed Skin Care
Nano2 Skincare Deodorant
Kailijumei Lipstick
My Skin Buddy
CHATEAU LABIOTTE Code Derm Capsule Cleansing Water
Silk Worm Cocoons
Dermaflash facial exfoliating device
Mary Schook's Liquid Gold Radical C
M.S. Apothecary
#RaiseAWand Nest Pumpkin Chai Collection
#RaiseAWand Clè de peau cream eye color solo- ombre crème solo